DoCont Art
The first art form from Domain & Content
concept art by Raphael Dudler

The work of art is not for sale.

It consists of the domain and the content filled by users from Instagram to the hashtags #zuerich, #finance.
The artwork becomes complete only when a patron leaves a link on the website.

Would you like to become a patron of this work?
Drop me a line at

Tell me the amount you want to pay for the link to be published as a patron and your target URL. There is neither a minimum amount nor an upper limit.

If you are outbid by another interested party, you will lose the link but you will get your money back. So you benefit from a link to your website for an indefinite period of time free of charge and were an important part of the artwork.

As long as you are not outbid, you will remain listed here on the website as a patron for an unknown time.

Become a part of the first concept art consisting of domain & content here at

Patron: nobody yet